Honours and Awards Nominating Committee (HANC)

George Lomas, FCIRP (Chair)   Ian Penney, CIRP    Gilles Campeau, FCIRP (ret.)   Donna Collins, FCIRP    Garth MacGirr, FCIRP (ret.)   Alan MacKinnon, FCIRP (ret.)   Larry Prentice, FCIRP    Guylaine Houle, FCIRP  William Courage, FCIRP

February 7, 2014

The mission of the CAIRP Honours and Awards Nominating Committee is to promote professional recognition of CIRPs and CAIRP by identifying and nominating members to receive CAIRP honours and awards. We all know someone who has volunteered and contributed to the enhancement of our Association. Many people have given their time, commitment and energy to make CAIRP one of the best professional associations.

It is time to recognize our peers and nominate them for one of the awards. CAIRP encourages you to send your nomination forms for:

Fellowship Award - Deadline April 30, 2014

The Association’s highest award to members who have given exemplary service and brought distinction to the profession and the Association.

Keith G. Collins Award - Deadline April 30, 2014

This award is given to an individual who has displayed Keith’s positive attributes of integrity, courtesy and professionalism; someone respectful of others, unpretentious and who shows the willingness to mentor and share knowledge and demonstrate community service.

New Members Award of Merit - Deadline April 30, 2014

The New Member’s Award of Merit recognizes a new member (someone who has obtained their CIRP within the past five years) who demonstrates outstanding excellence in their profession through volunteer leadership in CAIRP and/or volunteer service in other community organizations.

Outstanding Volunteer Award – Applications can be presented at any time (no form necessary)

This award is given to someone who has given exceptional volunteer service to the Association through one or more specific activities and/or provided continuous support to the Association.

For more information about the CAIRP Honours and Awards, please visit our website: http://www.cairp.ca/membership/HonoursandAwards/index.php.

Please send your completed nomination forms (attached) to the attention of the Honours and Awards Nominating Committee at the below address or via email to evelina.rowley@cairp.ca.


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