As part of a regular review of CAIRP’s Strategic Plan, the Board of Directors recently approved changes to CAIRP’s Mission and Vision Statements. These updated Statements are designed to present CAIRP and its members as the preeminent professionals for assisting both individuals and companies in financial difficulty and to re-phrase our three part Mission Statement in a more active tone that better communicates CAIRP’s proactive work in each area of its activities.

As a proud member of CAIRP, we encourage you to print off the attached copy of CAIRP’s Mission, Vision and Value Statements that incorporates these changes.

Here are the updated Mission and Vision Statements, as approved by the Board. The Value Statement is unchanged.


  • Educate and support its members in providing insolvency, restructuring and related advisory services in a manner that instills the highest degree of public trust;
  • Advocate for a fair, transparent and effective system of insolvency and restructuring administration throughout Canada; and
  • Promote CAIRP members as the go-to professionals in insolvency and restructuring matters along with CAIRP as their voice.

Vision:  CAIRP and its members are recognized as the go-to professionals in providing expertise in insolvency and restructuring and in finding solutions for individuals and companies in financial difficulty.

Values: CAIRP and its members are committed to professionalism, trustworthiness and objectivity.
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