CAIRP develops new Strategic Plan

I'm delighted that we have already begun meeting with every one of the Provincial Associations to seek their ideas as we begin the development of a new Strategic Plan for CAIRP. Over the next few months we will consult with numerous insolvency leaders, both within and beyond CAIRP in order to collect the very best thoughts as to where CAIRP should be in the next five to 10 years. As part of reaching out, members should expect a survey of their own ideas sometime soon. 

- Mark Yakabuski, CAIRP President and Chief Operating Officer

Montréal Insolvency & Restructuring Forum exceeds expectations

By Guylaine Houle, Chair of the Montréal Forum Committee

The 2016 Montréal Forum exceeded our expectations and was truly a success.

Held on April 11, it was the first of CAIRP’s 2016 cross-country continuing education events

This year, we took a new approach by introducing more interactive sessions using live audience participation technology and providing real-life scenarios.

The mock meeting of creditors, where our “actors” (trustees joined by a banker) demonstrated their immense talents, was both entertaining and a true learning experience.

The Best Practices session enjoyed exceptional member participation. During this session, the panel attendees were able to compare and exchange a wide variety of practical experiences.

The technical program, was, as always, greatly appreciated. Montréal had its own special guest speaker, Mrs. Elaine Zakaïb, who spoke eloquently about her experience as a Chief Financial Officer for a company (Jacob clothing) experiencing financial difficulties.

The rest of the sessions focused on insolvency issues generated by changes to provincial legislations, such as the overhaul to the Québec Code of Civil Procedure.

We invite and encourage you to register at the Forum to be held in your region for a great learning and networking experience.

Calling all bloggers!

By Mary Ann Marriott, CIRP, Chair of the CAIRP Media Communications Committee

Are you a budding blogger?

Whether you’ve done it before or are new to blogging, we have an opportunity for you to be heard.

For those who do not know me, I am Chair of the CAIRP’s Media Communications Committee, which is responsible for overseeing all of CAIRP’s digital properties, from social media to the CAIRP website.

Every month we meet to discuss topics of interest to our members and the public and create posts (blogs, tweet etc.) to send out. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed and offer value-added service to you and to the public. AND, it’s a great place for YOU to get your name in lights.

So, what are we looking for? Topics of interest such as:

  • Industry trends (you know those Stats that cross your desk from the OSB? What’s your take on them?)
  • Professional happenings (ok, not a real thing, but anything happening in your firm/office that you are doing well that you would like to share –presentations to the public, using the new designation, etc.)
  • Your view on a local or world event (like the budget that was recently released, or the state of the economy, for example).

How do you submit your ideas to us? I’m glad you asked. It’s simple. Email with either a polished blog or an idea and some points and we can work with you to get it polished. It’s that easy. Did an idea just pop into your mind? Share it with us and let us raise your profile and that of CAIRP as well!

CAIRP Annual Conference 2016 – Montréal – August 18-20

Do you like arts and culture and learning with your peers in an exciting and unconventional urban atmosphere?

Then join us this August 18-20 for CAIRP’s Annual Conference in Montréal, where Old World charm meets North American energy. Come and experience the sheer joie de vivre! Come experience three fantastic days of  insolvency and restructuring professional development, networking and excitement in one of the most spirited and romantic cities in Canada.

Register now!

The CAIRP Insolvency & Restructuring EXCHANGE – Toronto, May 19

The CAIRP I&R EXCHANGE presents a new and unique opportunity for professionals from all three areas of insolvency and restructuring practice - consumer, mid-market and corporate - to network and learn together.

Enjoy a stellar lineup of top-notch experts and some of the profession's most knowledgeable panellists and hear from our three extraordinary keynote speakers:

  • CIBC Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal.
  • Baseball legend and former Blue Jays president Paul Beeston.
  • Scott Stewart, Chief Executive Officer of IBI Group Inc., an architecture and engineering firm named International Turnaround of the Year.

Visit CAIRP's website at for more information on all events. To register click HERE.

CQP News

Core Knowledge Exam Results

March 31, 2016 Core Knowledge Exam Results are now available on the CAIRP website at:

Applied Knowledge Course Assignments

Assignments 1 and 2 have been revised, we encourage all candidates in the AKC to complete the new assignments. A revised Assignment 3 will be available shortly.

CNIE Preparatory Assignments – required for all candidates wishing to register for the 2016 CNIE

CAIRP will again provide a 2016 CNIE preparatory assignment.

Key Dates:
May 24, 2016 - Availability of the case study question
June 6, 2016 - Latest date for requesting the case study questions
June 10, 2016 (midnight) - Date by which all submissions must be received.

CQP Connect – A Discussion Group for Articling Associates

CQP Connect, available through LinkedIn groups, is a place where you can meet other articling associates and become part of the CQP/Insolvency Community. We’ve created this bilingual virtual meeting place at the request of candidates who want to network with colleagues in various different types of practices,  whether consumer or corporate, local, regional or national, large or small, etc., in order to gain insight into a more varied breadth of experience through interaction.

By joining CQP Connect, you can make that connection early in the program as you are going through the course materials rather than waiting until near the end - at the CNIE Tutorial, for example, where such connections have typically been made.

CQP Connect works as an online introduction portal and discussion group, where you can find your peers in the program, then take your connections offline to share and communicate. It’s our hope that

Please note that specific information on clients and mandates, or any information that could allow someone to identify a client or a mandate that is not part of the public domain should not form part of any discussion, to preserve confidentiality. Additionally, it is important to note that CAIRP will not monitor this site for technical accuracy.

CQP Connect is open only to articling associates at all levels in the program.                        

Join CQP Connect today at

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