Chris Nyberg Awarded 11th Annual Lloyd Houlden Fellowship

The Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) is pleased to announce that the 11th Annual Lloyd Houlden Fellowship has been awarded to Chris Nyberg.

Mr. Nyberg is currently an associate in the restructuring and insolvency group at the Calgary office of Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP.

His paper will review the topic of abandonment rights in insolvency proceedings and focus on the need to formally recognize the economic assessment model of abandonment rights in Canada. While issues regarding abandonment rights have become particularly prevalent in Western Canada with the surge of insolvent oil and gas companies, they can arise in respect of nearly all types of property and may have a significant effect on the administration of an insolvent debtor's estate. As a result, the topic has broad practical significance to both creditors and court officers in Canada.

The Fellowship is named after the late Justice of the Court of Appeal of Ontario who had a long and distinguished career both as a practicing jurist and author specializing in insolvency. CAIRP’s Fellowship Award provides for up to $20,000 to fund research into insolvency-related topics, consisting either of original analysis of innovative ways to improve the insolvency system, or historical analysis of particular features of the system. Authors from any part of the insolvency community – practicing Licensed Insolvency Trustees and lawyers, as well as academics and students – are eligible to apply.

Congratulations Chris!

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